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The question, 'if you give the same molecule to two companies in phase I, would they be equally successful?' remains a defining one. The answer is clearly 'no,' so the more interesting question is 'why'?'—perhaps one of the most important questions for our industry. When we first asked ourselves that question, more than a decade ago, it followed a more soul-searching one: ‘what if we're wrong?’ A healthy question, but not one that is typical of consultancies.

Understanding how companies create value from their pipelines means being open to novel and multiple approaches - we produce this Index so that we know what we’re talking about when we talk about pharmaceutical innovation. If you like, we’re ‘following the science’ rather than assuming we’re right.

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Return on invention; creation of meaningful value from invention.


Bringing ideas or technologies together in a novel way to create something that did not exist before.



Traditionally Pharmaceutical R&D focuses its efforts on discovering and bringing to market life-saving treatments. Our Index is generated from a huge amount of information, across the top 30 companies by market cap on January 1st each year, to see who's succeeding and how they're doing it - the longest ever study of innovation in pharmaceuticals. There are no inclusion or exclusion rules - no-one pays to be ranked.

PIII Insights

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IDEA Pharma’s Pharmaceutical Innovation and Invention Index, and their accompanying White Papers, explore the performance of individual companies in much greater detail. By accessing our White Papers, you are given an inside look into our research and findings.

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