Pharmaceutical Innovation and Invention Index

The 2021 Innovation and Invention Index is here.


About the index

The PII aims at ranking companies in their ability to bring products from Phase I/II to market and commercialize them successfully, and utilizes a range of clinical, regulatory and commercial metrics to do this, ranging from the corporate level down to individual products.

It is important to note that each metric, measure or index must exist (somewhere), be gettable (either full or derivable), be useable (compare like with like, transferable), be available across ALL companies under consideration..

Sources include company websites, third party institutions (e.g. FDA,, syndicated and analyst reports, etc, which are analyzed and rolled up at company level for innovation and commercialization and ranked.

Fuller details are available in the PII White Paper, which discusses in greater depth the metrics themselves and also highlights where individual companies excel, or do poorly.

Access the whitepapers

IDEA Pharma’s Pharmaceutical Innovation and Invention Index, and their accompanying White Paper, explore the performance of individual companies in much greater detail. By accessing our White Papers, you are given an inside look into our research and findings.

  • 1Methodology and analysis
  • 2Extended profiles of the Top 10 overall companies
  • 3The full top 30 ranking
  • 4The 2021 report in full
  • 5Past Whitepapers from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014

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