Strategic Positioning IDEA-forward, active positioning

Objectively, the industry's most successful positioning practice

Strategic positioning is a decision to focus, from early phase, on how to win in the minds of your customer

Strategic positioning is a choice of what you'll be able to say in the future, not what you can say now. An active, instead of a passive positioning. A non-obvious, never generic focus for your clinical and commercial activity. IDEA positions market leaders.

They position category leaders - that's why we chose IDEA, and we got exactly the success we hoped for

Delivering our Strategic Positioning service.

IDEA-forward, active positioning

1 Clues and insights, interrogation of the molecule's possibilities

2 IDEAtion - creation of prototype ideas

3 Prototype evaluation with customers

4 Decisioning

5 Building the strategic architecture

Strategic Positioning insights and innovation.

You can't develop tomorrow's medicines with yesterday's thinking.

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